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AMEB Session Dates

Things you need to remember:
  • Students who are preparing for examinations must purchase the appropriate exam book(s).
  • All pencil marks have to be removed from the original score.
Exam session and enrolment dates 2019

Melbourne Metropolitan Practical exams

SessionExam datesClosing date
1st Metropolitan28 April – 17 May28 February
2nd Metropolitan18 May – 5 June20 March
3rd Metropolitan9 June – 24 June17 April
4th Metropolitan10 August – 5 September12 June
5th Metropolitan5 October – 15 November24 July

Regional Victoria

SessionExam datesClosing date
1st Regional Practical20 July – 8 August22 May
2nd Regional Piano9 November – 5 December14 August
2nd Regional Instrumental9 November – 5 December14 August

Special Subject and Rockschool Exams

SessionExam datesClosing date
1st Special/Rockschool20 July – 2 August22 May
2nd Special/Rockschool16 November – 6 December28 August

Licentiate Diploma Exams (Melbourne Only)

SessionExam datesClosing date
1st Licentiate Practical25 June – 27 June17 April
2nd Licentiate Practical17 September – 24 September12 June

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