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Mark Sadka

Mark Sadka began his musical career just over two decades ago at the age of 5. Through rigorous studies at various renowned institutions such as the Fine Arts Center, VCA, and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music he obtained his 1st professional performance at the age of 12.  Under guidance from various highly regarded instrumentalists such as Severin Donnenburg, Mark Mogelevski, and Sarah Curro, he has achieved multiple international awards on the various instruments he plays. Most notably upon receiving 1st place in the National Federation of Music competition in the United States on the Piano from the ages of 10-14.   Mark plays multiple instruments professionally including the violin, piano, and viola each of which he has over 15 years of professional experience.

Mark is currently transitioning into the field of post sound in TV and film after completing several high level masterclasses with prestigious individuals such as Hans Zimmer and Itzaak Pearlmen at various institutions around the wold. With multiple international tours to over 30 countries in his career, his experience in bringing forth the right sound and music at the highest quality quickly and efficiently is notable.

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