The Benefits of Music Lessons for Children

Learning to play a musical instrument can have many beneficial outcomes for your children, not necessarily in terms of intelligence, but more in how they mature, socialise and grow as a person. So if your children have been nagging you for after-school music lessons and you are not sure if it is right for them yet, here are 7 benefits that you might not have considered.

1. Improved academic outcomes: Studies have shown that studying music can lead to improved cognitive abilities and a better understanding of mathematics. Research has shown that music lessons stimulate certain parts of the brain that influence both of these abilities, and recognising patterns and rhythms in music helps children to better understand mathematics.

2. Increased confidence: Learning to play an instrument and read music can be a real challenge to many children. Overcoming these challenges helps your children to build confidence in themselves, which will overflow into all areas of their lives. Dance, sports, drama classes and other challenging activities can all be enhanced by feeling confident in themselves and knowing that if they apply themselves, they can achieve anything they want in their lives.

3. Better dexterity: Increased co-ordination and dexterity are skills that are greatly improved when children learn to play an instrument. This is very noticeable when they play the piano or the violin for example, as they need to develop complicated movements of both hands at the same to play the instrument.


4. Greater social skills: When your children learn to play a musical instrument, they often join a band or orchestra where they have to play together as a group. This enhances peer interactions and teaches them to work harmoniously as a group to achieve a common goal.

5. More patience: Discipline, perseverance and patience are all skills that your children will learn when they play an instrument and start to read music. Focusing their attention and not giving up are other benefits that will become valuable assets to your children as they grow and mature. Deciding to dedicate time for their music lessons and practice in their own time, shows an increasing level of maturity and a willingness to work hard now, knowing that it will pay off in the future.

6. Improved memory: Learning to play an instrument and read music involves both your children’s short and long term memory, both of which will boost your children’s learning abilities in school and throughout their lives. Playing in a group requires them to not only memorise their own parts, but also everyone else’s parts, knowing when to join in with the group and when to let others takeover. This develops an expansive memory for timing and details that can be very beneficial throughout their lives.


7. Bolsters creativity: Self-expression and creativity are wonderful attributes to encourage in your children. Music lessons give them the opportunity to be themselves and to show their enjoyment and happiness by expressing themselves through music.

Independence, teamwork, social well-being and shared goals are all enhanced when your children learn to play an instrument and read music.

Encouraging your children to express themselves through music and developing their creativity will go a long way to building a firm foundation for your children’s future growth and entry into adulthood. Who knew that music could have such far flung benefits for your children?

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