Tuition fees & policies

Tuition Fees
Individual lessons: Beginner level to level 6 AMEB
20 mins: $30 (Trial lesson 20 mins: $33)
30 mins: $38 (Trial lesson 30 mins: $40)
45 mins: $55
60 mins: $70

Level 7-8 AMEB, Certificate of Performance, Associate & Licentiate level:
60 mins: $100

Group Music Theory classes:
$15 per student or  two students from same family $25.00.
30 mins: group of 2-3 students
45 mins: group of 4 students
60 mins: group of 5 students and more

Group Instrumental Lessons and Vocal Ensemble: $20.00 per student
30 mins: Group of 2-3
45 mins: Group of 4
60 mins: Group of 5+

Pre-School Program, Kinder Beat / Encore on Keys: $20.00 per student
30 mins: Group of 2 or 3
40 mins: Group from 4

An enrolment fee is of $35 per family (incl. GST) payable only once when enrolling for lessons.

A 10% Discount will apply on more than one 30, 45 or 60 minute class per week and to one or more siblings in a group class in pre-school program only.

No discounts are given for 20 minute individual classes and for siblings in a group instrumental classes.

Students who are preparing for examinations, will need to purchase an appropriate exam book(s).

All prices printed above are inclusive of GST.

Payments by installments are accepted. Please talk to Administration to discuss and arrange instalment payments.

Instrument Hire Prices
Keyboard (incl. stand): $10.00 per week, keyboard (excl. stand): $8.00 per week
Violin (incl. shoulder rest): $10.00 per week, violin (excl. shoulder rest): $8.00 per week
Cello: $15.00 per week
Saxophone: starts from $25.00 per week
Clarinet: $20.00 per week
Guitar: $7.00 per week
Oboe, Flute, Recorder, Trumpet: $15.00 per week

Payment of Fees
Customers are needed to supply half or full payment of term fees prior to a permanent class position will be allocated. Please call administration on 9888 1433 if you want to make other plans.
AMS Music Centre will not offer a refund on cancellation of lessons, nevertheless, the paid lessons are redeemable for any relative or pal within the year.

With a late notification of absence, the lesson can be re-scheduled considered that there is a valid medical certificate. Please keep in mind that the makeup lessons throughout the school term or school holidays may be arranged with a different teacher.

If a makeup lesson is arranged and a new enrolment is reserved on the exact same slot later, then concern will be provided to the new enrolment and the existing student will be offered another time-slot for the makeup lesson.

Where a number of lessons in a row are missed due to major medical conditions, a credit toward lessons to be taken next term may be granted. A valid medical certificate should be provided. A refund of charges is not readily available under any scenarios.

The make-up lesson policy only applies to individual classes, group classes which include student’s from the very same household and early morning group classes for pre-school aged children. We do not offer makeup lessons to group classes with children from different households.

Replacement Teacher
If your instructor, for some reason, suddenly terminates his/her mentor at AMS Music Centre during the term, we will organise a replacement teacher to take control of the classes for the rest of the term.
A refund will not be offered unless there is no replacement teacher available to continue classes.

Late Start
When a lesson is started late due to a trainee’s late arrival, the lesson will be finished on time and no makeup time will be offered. When a lesson is started late due to an instructor’s late arrival, the lesson will be completed on time and a make-up lesson for the time that was missed out on will be provided.

Trial Lessons
AMS Music Centre provides Trial Music Lesson to any age. Students can have more than one trial lesson with different teachers. Purpose of trial lessons is to find best teacher to continue with.

Feedback /Suggestions
AMS Music Centre team desire to provide highest quality service to our students and their families. Your opinion is very important for us and we value and appreciate your feedback.