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Benefits of the Program:

Our babies and Young children classes are based upon the Kodaly Approach.

We are using our voice to develop kids’ listening abilities and pitch.

  • Singing experience: In the very first term only we will sing songs in order to develop the singingSinging voice and singing experience.
  • Singing voice: Singing solo will likewise assist the kids to discover their singing voice as opposed to a talking voice.
  • Singing range: We will construct range by beginning high.
  • Mindful Skills: We will sing tunes with sense of beat/ rhythm, High/low-pitch discrimination, fast/slow, tone colour etc
  • Listening Abilities: Focus concentration, responding to rhythmical, arrhythmic percussive and melodic noises etc
  • Physical Skills: In our lesson, we will dance and transfer to music.
  • Musical Instruments: We will have fun with instruments and tell stories with them.
  • Repertoire structure: Will sing Familiar tunes in English and enrich our collection. We will sing Games names tunes and response/greeting songs, like: Bee etc
  • Self Esteem and confidence: Sing and play in front of others.
  • Social Abilities: holding hands, working as a group and so on
Deborah Carr-Perkins
Deborah Carr-Perkins B. Mus., Dip. Ed. Victorian Institute of Teaching

Bachelor of Music, Graduate Diploma of Education. Deborah has 27 years’ experience teaching Piano to children, teens and grownups. She is passionate about providing innovative music lessons that engage and motivate a pleasure of discovering music (Piano/Singing).

Deborah is eager to make a strong contribution to music literacy and the awakening of a lifelong love of music in both main and secondary university student in addition to grownups of all ages. Deborah prepares students for their A.M.E.B./ A.N.Z.C.A./ VCE exams or for satisfaction at the beginner/advanced (Approximately Grade 8) level.

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