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AMS Music Centre is pleased to provide expert tuition on the Clarinet.

Clarinet bodies have been made from a variety of materials including wood, plastic, hard rubber, metal, resin, and ivory. The vast majority of clarinets used by professional musicians are made from African hardwood. The clarinet has its roots in the early single-reed instruments or hornpipes used in Ancient Greece, old Egypt, Middle East, and Europe since the Middle Ages.

In classical music, clarinets are part of standard orchestral and concert band instrumentation. Many works of chamber music have also been written for the clarinet.

Common combinations are:
  • Clarinet and piano
  • Clarinet trio. Clarinet, piano, and another instrument (for example, string instrument or voice)
  • Clarinet quartet: three clarinets and bass clarinet, two clarinets, alto clarinet and bass, and other possibilities such as the use of a basset hor, especially in European classical works.
  • Clarinet quintet, generally made up of a clarinet plus a string quartet.

The clarinet is originally a central instrument in jazz.

Fun facts about the Clarinet:
  • Mozart was the first major composer to add music written specifically for the clarinet.
  • By 1800, most orchestras included clarinets.
  • Celebrity clarinet players include Julia Roberts, Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen.

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